Kolby Brown is a literature major at the University of Montana Western.

Kolby Brown is a literature major at the University of Montana Western.

She came to Montana Western because of its exceptional English department and unique Experience One program.

Brown transferred to Montana Western after attending a traditional college, because she was impressed with the professors in the English department, the schools affordability and the tight-knit community of Dillon, Mont. 

From a small town in Wyoming, Brown preferred to attend college in an area that felt more like home, where she could actually know her professors and fellow students. 

“Since attending Montana Western I have been able to immerse myself in my classes,” said Brown. The many field trips make the subject matter tangible and more meaningful. This is all possible because of the creativity of the professors and the small class sizes.” 

After gaining her undergraduate degree in English at Montana Western, Brown plans to attend the University of Montana in Missoula to obtain her MBA. 

“Missoula has one of the best graduate literature programs in the country and my professors have been extremely supportive and helpful with my application process,” Brown said.

She eventually wants to become an English professor in higher education.

“I’ve known for a long time I wanted to teach in higher education, but I was uncertain in what discipline,” Brown said. “I was drawn to the literature department because of the meaningful conversations that emerged from class discussions.The professors at Montana Western made me passionate about literature and inspired me to look at the world from different perspectives.” 

Brown used several of her elective credits to take education classes at Montana Western to help her become a better teacher. 

“Montana Western has one of the best education programs in higher education and I wanted to take advantage of that as much as possible during my time here,” Brown said. 

Brown’s English professors knew she wanted to eventually become a professor, so they asked her to be a teachers assistant for lower level English classes.

“It was a great experience being a teachers assistant,” Brown said. “I was able to make lesson plans and lead discussions. It was challenging and helped me develop valuable skills for running a classroom.

"I discovered that it is most important to me that kids learn to organize their thoughts, communicate clearly and develop passion about their topics.”

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