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Professor Profile – Mike Morrow

February 15, 2018

Biology Professor Mike Morrow has been teaching at the University of Montana Western since 2002. Along with his fellow faculty members of the Biology Department, he helped to establish a high caliber program with state-of-the-art research equipment that has prepared students for real-world graduate studies and jobs with government agencies including the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service.

“The block scheduling system allows students to participate in project-based labs and field research experiences at a high level,” said Morrow. “Students have more time each day for focused in-class and in-the-field learning.”

The Integrative Biology major at the University of Montana Western allows students to not only combine their various interests, but also prepares them on their journey to graduate school and beyond, including veterinary school, pharmacy programs, physical therapy training and medical school.

The learning students are immersed in at Montana Western as part of the Experience One program prepares them for applying and being accepted to these schools and putting the knowledge they have gained at Montana Western to work in situations in the real world.

“Our students have conducted research in a wide variety of areas including genetics, the study of Lyme disease, alpine ecology, and wildlife population and fisheries studies, while others have combined their research with other majors including Natural Horsemanship,” said Morrow. “Our mission is to provide you with the experiences needed in order to reach your future goals.”