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Mission, Vision, Core Values

Mission Statement

As a leader and innovator in experiential education, the University of Montana Western educates undergraduate students through immersive practices in their field of study, strives for continuous improvement, and achieves evidence-supported student learning and achievement outcomes.

Vision Statement

The University of Montana Western transforms students and its greater community through experiential teaching and civic, environmental and multicultural engagement. Students learn by engaging in the authentic practices of a discipline under the expert guidance of faculty members. Student success is maximized by providing the means for each student to identify and achieve their educational goals.

NWCCU Core Themes

The following Core Themes were developed to meet the requirements of the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

1. Continuously improve undergraduate education and experiential learning.

2. Maximize campus-wide support for student success and completion.

3. Foster responsible campus efficiency and stewardship of resources.