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Parking on Campus

Parking on Campus

Any vehicle parking on campus must be registered with Montana Western’s Business Services Office, and must display a current Montana Western parking permit.

Montana Western Students do not pay a parking fee. Commuter and Resident Parking Permits are available at Business Services located in the James E. Short Center for all students that apply for them, giving them the ability to utilize the parking on campus. Parking is not guaranteed just because a permit is obtained. Parking is limited and goes quickly!

Commuter Permits are issued to persons commuting to campus. They may park in designated commuter parking lots. Commuters are not permitted to park in resident lots.

Resident Permits are issued to persons living in the residence halls. They may park anywhere in the designated residence hall lots.  Residents are not permitted to park in commuter lots.

Montana Youth Challenge permitted vehicles must park in MYC designated parking spaces only. If residence changes from the Resident to Commuter, or from Commuter to Resident, a new decal reflecting that change must be picked up from Business Services, in exchange for the old one.

One of the above mentioned permits is issued to persons with a documented disability. These people may park in appropriately signed areas in any lot.

Reserved Permits are purchased for reserved parking. This allows the person one private parking space Monday thru Friday for designated periods of time.

Temporary Permits are issued as a daily or weekly permit.


Short term parking for pick-up and delivery is provided in various convenient locations around campus. The maximum time allotted is 20 minutes. Visitor parking is available in various locations around campus. A visitor is deemed any person not faculty, staff, or student, having occasion to park on campus. This includes those persons attending conventions, meetings, workshops, or having official business. Temporary hangers can be purchased from the Business Services Office and can be used for all Commuter and Resident lots.

Faculty/Staff Permit Fees
Faculty/Staff$30.00    $60.00

Permit replacement $7.50

Please remember that there must be a yellow line on EACH side of your vehicle for it to be a valid parking space.

Parking Regulations

Click here for full Vehicle Regulations

  • Parking in a fire lane is not permitted.
  • Parking on lawns/sidewalks is not permitted.
  • Parking in a Quick Stop longer that 20 minutes is not permitted.
  • Parking in Disabled parking without an appropriate permit is forbidden.
  • Parking in Reserved parking without an appropriate permit is forbidden.
  • Driving in excess of 5 mph is not permitted.
  • Parking so as to take up two spaces is not permitted.
  • Parking in a restricted parking area without an appropriate permit is forbidden.

Schedule of Fines

$100- (1) Disabled Parking

$30- All other Violations Failure to pay fines or file an appeal within five business days of the date specified on the notice of the traffic violation will result in grades and transcripts being held.

Towing/Wheel Lock Policy

  • Vehicles may be towed/wheel locked at the owner’s expense from these areas: any special permit area, reserved parking, disabled parking, fire lanes, fire hydrants, lawns, loading docks, Quick Stop, or special towing zones.
  • A vehicle may be towed at owner expense when it is left in such a position as to substantially endanger public safety, when said vehicle interferes with University functions or operations in such a manner that removal is imperative, or when said vehicle is parked in areas of the University likely to be harmed by vehicles parked thereon.
  • Any abandoned vehicles will be towed away at the owner’s expense.
  • Vehicles may be towed/wheel locked at owner’s expense if the vehicle has accumulated multiple tickets.
  • Vehicle owners may redeem their vehicles by paying the towing service operator fees.


Appeals forms may be obtained at the Business Services Office. Appellants may have their fines reviewed based upon a written appeal or appear in person before the Traffic Appeals Review Committee. Students with vehicles may register them during registration at the Business Services Office. For complete Vehicle and Traffic Regulations contact the Business Services Office in the James E. Short Center.

Please note that parking tickets will be upheld unless there are extenuating circumstances. Extenuating circumstances do not include being late for class or forgetting your campus parking decal. Students are responsible for following all parking signage restrictions/instructions and being familiar with UMW campus parking zones and rules.

Here are some helpful tips to help you avoid parking tickets at UMW:

  • Decal not required to park on East Cornell Street, Atlantic Street, and E. Poindexter Street.
  • No decal means no parking on campus.
  • All decal hangers must be displayed on the rearview mirror. The hanger must be clearly visible. (You can alter it to fit your mirror using scissors).
  • The Emerick Art Studio Parking Lot is available for parking (across the street form Sparky’s). There is always available parking here. Commuters and residents can both park in the Emerick Parking Lot.
  • South side of campus is for Commuter parking.
  • North side of campus is for Resident parking.
  • Multiple tickets make you eligible for towing.
  • Any questions about tickets can be brought to the Mailroom (located next to Business Services in the Short Administration Building).
  • Some spaces have individual signs (you are responsible for following all restrictions/instructions on these signs). These include Reserved, Commuter, and Family Housing parking spots.