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University departments and offices are authorized to approve travel and are responsible for the proper use and management of travel resources. The managers of departments/offices are responsible to ensure that travel is directly related to an objective of the University, that adequate funds are available and that all travel is in accordance with University Travel Guidelines. Please review the provided documents for further information.

Travel Guidelines
Group Travel
Blank Travel Forms (Excel Document Download)

University of Montana Western Travel Approval Process – Fall 2020- Spring 2021

Spring 2021 Guidance Related to MUS-Affiliated Travel (from Commissioner’s Memo 3-25-21). All allowable travel outlined below requires campuses to ensure that travelers meet, at a minimum, campus notification and approval standards that resemble those in place prior to the pandemic.

  • Within Montana, MUS-affiliated travel is allowable. Travelers will follow local safety protocols and procedures while in travel status. Travelers may use personal vehicles or elect to use campus vehicles if they follow existing COVID-19 protocols related to occupancy and face coverings.
  • Essential MUS-affiliated travel is allowed outside Montana under certain conditions. Campuses will require travelers to submit a travel safety plan prior to departure that is reviewed by a relevant campus committee and approved at the cabinet level. At a minimum, travel safety plans should justify the essential nature of the proposed travel, detail plans for following current COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions at each travel destination. Where necessary, travelers should also work with campus to establish a return-to-campus work and/or study plan that accounts for any self-quarantine requirements resulting from travel that the campus identifies as high-risk.
  • The MUS continues to have a moratorium on MUS-affiliated international travel, while recognizing that the health risks of international travel are changing rapidly and that decisions regarding fall study abroad, research, and other travel will need to be made well in advance of the fall semester.

Click here to download the UMW Employee Out-of-State Travel COVID-19 Safety Plan Application.

Clery Act Student Travel Form

This form is to be completed for any College-related overnight travel, domestic and overseas, that includes students such as athletics, academics, clubs/organizations, etc. The federal Clery Act law requires that institutions track what is known as “non-campus” property, and report certain crimes that occur at those locations. Non-campus property includes property that UMW controls on a short-term basis if there is a written agreement for the property, the property is frequented by students, and it is used to further UMW’s educational mission. UMW is required to reach out to the local law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction over non-campus property and request crime statistics for the dates and times when UMW controls the space. UMW must provide the statistics, if any, to the federal government and publish them in the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report.

Please submit this form AFTER your travel to ensure you have complete information, including specific rooms/suites occupied. If you have questions, please contact Nicole Hazelbaker, Dean of Students, at 406-683-7388 or