Sent on Behalf of Chancellor Weatherby: Fall 2020 Planning Update

To the Campus Community,

A number of task forces are working on plans for fall semester.  As they proceed with their discussions, they will send more information to all of us. These are the task forces, so far:

MUS Healthy Fall Task Forcechaired by Deputy Commissioner for Academic and Student Affairs Brock Tessman, is looking at operational consideration of all kinds and will be sharing guidelines and directives to all campuses next week. Dean of Students Nicole Hazelbaker is contributing to this group.

Healthy Bulldogs Task Forceco-chaired by Provost Hedeen and Dean of Students Nicole Hazelbaker, will meet next Tuesday, May 12, and will focus on the campus community and services, and preparation of a healthy and safe fall semester for students, staff, and faculty. This group will share campus-wide information and coordinate the campus plans and procedures for academic instruction, student life, athletics, housing, dining, events, student recruitment and facilities. The task force will provide a Healthy Bulldogs Campus Plan to the Chancellor’s cabinet.

Fall Courses 2020 Task Forcechaired by Provost Deb Hedeen, has met twice and will meet again this Friday.

Athletics Safe Start Task Forcechaired by Athletics Director Bill Wilson, began meeting on May 5th.

Thank you to the many individuals who are contributing to this important work. If you are interested in sharing your ideas, please contact the chair of the respective task force.

Wishing you well,
Chancellor Beth Weatherby