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Attach Credit to your Targeted Learning Event 

Are you an instructor or facilitator looking to add value to your course or workshop and encourage attendance? Do you want to attach credit to a seminar or workshop you are hosting? Apply for graduate professional development credit for your targeted learning event. Targeted Learning Events may include a workshop, conference, seminar, book or study group, online courses, or Professional Learning Communities. 

A Targeted Learning Event is a concentrated training or sustained collaborative learning event that focuses on a topic or theme and consists of a minimum of 15 instruc-tional hours. 

Professional Development for Educators works with instructors, administrators, and facilitators to submit, review and provide credit for locally designed and delivered professional learning opportunities. Your target audience will receive one 2900-level graduate professional development credit for every 15 clock hours of instruction from your learning event or course. 

One graduate professional development credit is awarded for every 15 hours of instructional time. A Targeted Professional Learning Event must be at least 15 instruc-tional hours. 

• Grading can be letter grade, S/U or both. 

• Meals, breaks, exhibits, and other non-instructional activities are not counted toward credit. 

• Instructor(s), Instructor of Record, or Facilitators must hold a master’s degree or higher. 

• For multi-speaker activities, 75% of the total instructional time must be provided by presenters with master’s degrees or higher. 

• Submit your application 20 business days prior to the start of your event. 

• You will receive notification of your credit approval, need for editing, or disapproval within 2 weeks of submission. 

• If approved for graduate professional development credit, UMW will provide a secure online registration form where participants can register and pay for credit. 

• The credit recording fee is $50 per credit, payable via credit card or company check made out to UMW. 

Please contact our office at 406.683.7537 or [email protected] if you have any questions. 

Examples of a Targeted Learning Event 

These events may be face-to-face, online, or blended (combination of face-to-face and online). 

Application Process 

Accessing the System 

Step 1 Go to the Registration dashboard

Step 2 Log in with your NDUS Identifier (firstname.lastname) and password. 

If you have not been issued a NDUS Identifier, you can Register to access this application. 

Step 3 Click on Professional Development for Educators under Dashboard. 

Step 4 Complete the Profile Information. If you hold a master’s degree or higher and if you will be the one responsible for grading this course, choose Instructor of Record (IOR). If you select IOR, you MUST upload a PDF of your current resume. 

Adding a Facilitator 

Step 5 If any additional IOR, Facilitators, or Presenters will assist with the learning event, add them by selecting People and Add Person from the menu. 

Use the pencil icon to edit an existing person or the X to remove a person. 

You must have at least one Instructor of Record (IOR) to start any application. If you are the IOR but do not appear as one in the People Management window, please update your profile. To update your profile, select your name in the upper menu, and choose Profile. Select IOR under Position Information at the bottom of the screen, complete the required information, and submit your changes using the Update Profile button. If you are the only IOR, continue to step 6. 

Starting the Application 

Step 6 Choose New Application to begin the process. 

Choose Targeted Professional Learning if you plan to submit a face-to-face, online or blended learning experience that consists of a minimum of 15 instructional hours per credit requested. This includes workshops, conferences, seminars, institutes, etc. 

Choose Cumulative Credit if you are submitting a cafeteria style plan for your school district, school, or consortium. Your submission must include a minimum of 15 in-structional hours per credit requested. 

If you are unable to complete your application in one sitting, you may save your progress by using the Save Application button. To resume your work, go to My Applications, find your application in the list and click Open Application. Check the progress of your application from My Applications

Credit Approval Request App 

Review Application and Follow Progress 

Once you submit the application, you will not be able to edit your application, unless it is returned to you for editing. You can review its progress in History once our team takes action on your plan.