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Block Schedule

Learning on “the Block” allows students the ability to focus on and experience one course at a time, but still graduate in four years. At UMW, students take four blocks each semester, with one course per block. More than an effective way to learn, this allows students the chance to really dig into a content area, gain real-world experience, and graduate with a strong resume and practical work portfolio that employers and graduate schools are looking for. Our teaching faculty are able to spend more time per student. While you are taking one course at a time, your professor is also only teaching one course at a time. This makes the professors at the University of Montana Western some of the most accessible teaching faculty in the world! 

Best Value in Montana

Montana Western is the lowest cost university in the state of Montana. Our block learning course delivery schedule allows students to thrive during their college experience and aligns with many employment options in the community, making college with minimal student loan debt a real possibility. Most UMW-bound students qualify for scholarships, further lowering the cost of attendance