Montana Western Students,

We hope you are all enjoying your first week of winter break. If you decide you must travel over the break, we strongly urge you to follow all CDC travel guidelines, stay in the small group of people you are living with, wear a mask, social distance and wash your hands frequently to reduce the chance of spreading COVID-19 to those you may be visiting.

If you have family or friends with a compromised immune system, the CDC is strongly advising that you consider not visiting them. If you must, please plan on self-quarantining for at least 14 days before coming in contact with them. 

Also, this week is a great time to get your flu shot if you haven’t done so already. It takes about two weeks for the vaccine to become effective at preventing the flu, so don’t delay! Now is the time to start taking all precautions necessary to keep your friends and loved ones healthy. Contact your healthcare provider today to schedule an appointment.

As a reminder, if you are staying in Dillon over the break and develop any COVID-19 symptoms, please contact the Southwest Montana Community Health Center at 406-683-4440 to be tested. If you are outside of Dillon for the break and develop symptoms, please contact your local healthcare provider immediately to schedule a test.

Remember, you don’t want to gift COVID-19 to your family and friends. Continue following all guidelines to keep yourself and those around you safe.

Be well, Bulldogs!

Sadie Caltrider, COVID-19 Testing Coordinator

Baylee Rawson, COVID-19 Communications Coordinator