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Bakery Breads

All items are sold by the dozen only. Minimum order one dozen.

BreadsPrice per Dozen (12)
Dinner Rolls $6.00 
Variety Sandwich Buns  $12.00 
Small Croissant $8.00 
Large Croissant $12.00 
Cornbread Muffins $10.00 

Sweet Treats

All items are sold by the dozen only. Minimum order one dozen.

BarsPrice per Dozen (12)
Lemon Bars $9.00 
Tollhouse Bars $9.00 
Pumpkin Bars $10.00 
Variety Bars $9.00 
Rice Crispy Treats $7.00 
Carrot Cake Bars $10.00 
Cheesecake Bars $12.00 
CookiesPrice per Dozen (12)
Basic Cookies$7.00
Gourmet Cookies$12.00
Gluten-Free or Vegan Cookies$2.50 each
BrowniesPrice per Dozen (12)
Fudge Brownies$9.00
Cream Cheese Marbled Brownies$10.00
Gourmet Brownies (variety)$12.00 variety fruit swirl, candied top, and/or frosted


Moist chocolate, white, or yellow cake with buttercream frosting, cream cheese frosting, or chocolate icing.

1/2 Sheet CakePlain, border only – serves 35.  $30.00 
Full Sheet Cake Plain, border only – serves 70. $60.00 
CupcakesMinimum of one dozen items per order required.  $15.00 
Full Sheet Carrot CakeHomemade carrot cake made from scratch with fluffy cream cheese frosting. $70.00