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Ali Wolpern, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

[email protected]

(406) 683-7337

BARC 220


Ali is a Minnesota native but moved West for college and hasn’t left! Ali completed her BA in Clinical Exercise and Sport Science at Western Colorado University and competed as a XC/Track athlete. Her undergraduate research focused on cardiovascular and ventilatory responses to acute and chronic aerobic exercise. Ali completed both her MS (Exercise Physiology) and Ph.D. (Health and Kinesiology, Emphasis: Health and Disease) at the University of Utah (Go Utes!) where her research focused on acute and chronic effects of physical activity and intra-abdominal pressure on pelvic floor health in women following a vaginal delivery. Ali enjoys introducing her students to the wonders of exercise physiology! In her free time, Ali likes to run crazy long distances of 30-50 miles (generally getting lost during these adventures), backpack, and hang out with her husband and dogs.

Courses Taught

Exercise Physiology, Basic Human Nutrition, and Nutrition for Sports and Exercise

Research Interests

My research interests include pelvic floor health among non-athletes and athletes, postpartum exercise and physical activity, and physiological implications of exercise in clinical populations. Though, I’m willing to guide and support student research in other areas of interest. See Orcid for a list of publications.

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