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Jerry Girard

Director of Student Counseling

[email protected]


Dean of Students Center


Jerry has been with Montana Western Student Counseling since January of 2010. Following 3 semesters as a counseling intern, he became a full-time counselor in the Fall of 2011 and has been the Director of Student Counseling since 2016. Having previously been a high school teacher and coach for 13 years, Jerry finds being a college counselor a good fit personally and professionally. Jerry earned a Bachelor of Science in Education from Minot State University in 1992. From the University of Great Falls, he earned a Master of Science in Addiction Counseling in 2008, and a Master of Science in Counseling in 2011. Jerry is known as a warm and compassionate counselor who has an innate ability to establish rapport with students. He enjoys working with students to help them overcome emotional obstacles to reaching their personal and academic goals. In addition to mental health counseling, Jerry is a licensed addictions counselor who is capable of working with students to overcome their substance use issues, including tobacco use. Because of his background as a college athlete, Jerry also has an interest in working with university student-athletes in an effort to more effectively attain their athletic goals. Jerry is also a dynamic teacher and is often involved in classroom and health promotion activities on campus. Jerry has lived in Dillon, MT with his wife Sherri and his three children Alicia, Zach, and Isaiah since 1999. When not working, Jerry enjoys spending time with his family, attending his children’s activities and athletic events and hanging out with his granddaughter Livy. He is a supporter of the arts and fancies himself an amateur scholar of classic American music. Jerry is also involved in various civic activities promoting mental health and the arts in the community of Dillon. In addition to being a counselor at The University of Montana Western, Jerry is also an adjunct professor at the University of Providence.