Technology Support and Teaching Tips for Instuctors

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Canvas Support, Faculty Support
Grading Hypothesis Activities in Canvas
This webpage explains how to use the Canvas SpeedGrader with Hypothesis assignments.
Canvas Support, Faculty Support
Hypothesis Reading Groups in Canvas

This webpage explains how to set up reading groups using Hypothesis is Canvas.

Canvas Support, Faculty Support
Using Hypothesis in Canvas

This webpage provides several resources for setting up a Hypothesis reading assignment in Canvas.

Accessibility Support, Canvas Support, Faculty Support
UMW Accessibility Guidelines and Checklist

In a checklist format, this document describes accessibility requirements for course materials.

All-Campus Support, Faculty Support
PowerPoint Stock Images

This document explains how to add free, quality images to your PowerPoint presenations.

Faculty Support
The TEACH Act and Digital Media Sharing

The TEACH Act permits the use of much copyrighted digital media for online, educational purposes. The document provides a checklist for comploying with TEACH Act guidelines and explains how to share, but control access to, that media.

Faculty Support, Moodle Support
Personally Addressing Students in Bulk Emails

This document explain how instructors can send one email, using the Moodle Quickmail tool, but individually address students by name.

Faculty Support, Moodle Support
Moodle Attendance Registers

This document describes how to set up a series of attedance registers for a class using the Moodle attendance activity.

Moodle logo illustration

Follow the link below for an easy-to-use code generator you can use to create HTML for design elements in Moodle 4.0.

Courtesy of Dr. Debbie Seacrest.