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Hello from the Montana Western English Department!

Because of your ACT scores, you have automatically been placed into WRIT 095/Writ 101 (what we call Stretch English). Stretch English is an 8-credit, two block class that helps you become a college writer.

However, because you know better than we do what kind of writer you are, we’re offering you the opportunity to decide for yourself, regardless of your ACT/SAT score, if you need additional time to become a college writer or if you’d like to enroll directly into WRIT 101: College Writing. 

Please read the checklist included, choosing the statements that best reflect your high school English experience. After you’ve finished, total your checkmarks for A and B answers. If you have more A checkmarks, WRIT 101 is a good place for you. If you have more B checkmarks, Stretch English is where you’re likely to succeed.