The following message was sent on March 4, 2020, to students, faculty and staff regarding novel coronavirus.

Important Spring Break Travel Guidelines: Sent on Behalf of Chancellor Weatherby

To the Campus Community,

Spring break is almost here, and we wish you a fun and refreshing getaway, or simply time away, as your plans may be.

As the global outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) intensifies, it’s important to take precautions and be aware of health risks as well as potential impacts to your travel plans.

If you’re planning to travel outside Montana, we offer some simple guidelines to stay healthy and protect our campus community upon your return.

Please be aware of the following guidelines in the event you become ill upon your return:

Finally, this is an evolving situation. Please frequently check your email for updates from our campus and be alert to public health notices and travel restrictions in your area.

Remember that the power to protect our campus communities from coronavirus and flu lies with each and every one of us.

We wish you a healthy and safe spring break,

The members of the Montana Western Safety and Security Committee

Nicole Hazelbaker – 406-683-7900
Mike Piazzola – 406-683-7664
Cole Cottom – 406-683-7145
Matt Raffety  – 406-683-7301

For coronavirus updates please visit:

US Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
World Health Organization
Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services (DPHHS)
US State Department Travel Advisories