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The Honors Program is open to all students whose desire to learn is not bound by traditional disciplines and classrooms. Honors students should be committed to learning, sharing their knowledge with others, improving their skills in reading and writing and have the intellectual curiosity to pursue independent research and creative endeavors.

Students apply to the Honors program by writing a letter that summarizes their learning experiences and how they will contribute to the program. Students may apply via the online application or by downloading the .pdf application and following the mailing instructions.

The Honors Program was founded by Professor Jane Maddock. After careful study of the best features of other Honors Programs around the country, Dr. Maddock founded a unique program based on three principles: self-selectivity, experiential learning and interdisciplinary study. Dr. Maddock also believed that courses should incorporate service-learning, be reading and writing intensive, and offer the opportunity for independent research and creative endeavors.

The Honors Program at the University of Montana Western is a member of the Western Regional Honors Council.

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The Honors First Year Experience is a special program for a select group of freshmen, learn more.

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