Montana University System Single Learning Management System Progress Page

The Montana Board of Regents has determined that the state of Montana will utilize a single Learning Management System (LMS) across all Montana public institutions of Higher Education. The process of creating the various committees and then selecting the LMS of choice has already begun. This page is intended to help track the progress of that selection process and to help prepare UM Western for this transition if a LMS other than Moodle is selected.

State Progress Page:

The MUS has put together a web page to help track the details of this project.

Expected Time Line

January 2022: Committees and working groups are created.

April 2022: Needs Analysis and RFI performed

July 2022: Request for Proposals issued

November 2022: LMS Vendor Selected

Spring 2023: Planning for implementation

Summer 2023 – Summer 2025: Implementation Process

Important Items

LMS Survey– One item we want to make all of our faculty aware of is that there is a survey asking for feedback on what is required for a LMS system. Please take the time to fill out the survey, it takes about 15 minutes. You can find the survey here:

MUS LMS Survey