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701.3 Moving Expenses

Date Adopted: 06/07/2009
Date Revised: 01/19/2018
Issuing Office: Administration and Finance
Approved By: Beth Weatherby


The University of Montana Western may reimburse or pay directly the relocation costs for new employees hired in key positions such as executive officers, deans, directors, and coaching positions within The University of Montana Western. An Executive Officer or designee must authorize all relocation expenses in writing.  The Executive Officer authorizing the relocation expenditure is responsible for budgeting sufficient funds to cover the cost(s) to relocate the new employee.  All relocation expenditures must be reviewed by the Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance before being finalized.


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for reimbursement for moving expenses to new employees if approved by the Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance/Student Affairs.


There are two methods of procuring and paying for moving expenses.

  1. Direct Procurement and Payment by UMW

A requisition must be submitted to the Purchasing Officer in Business Services with an appropriate Executive Officer’s approval, and the contract will be competitively bid to moving companies.  A University Purchase Order is issued and payment is made from departmental funds directly to the moving company.  The Director of Business Services coordinates the move with the new employee and the selected moving company.

  1. Authorized Reimbursement of Individual

The new employee may plan and pay for all related moving expenses. The employee is then reimbursed from departmental funds up to the amount authorized in writing by an Executive Officer. Payment is requested on a Payment Voucher approved by the appropriate Executive Officer. The payment request is forwarded to Accounts Payable and must include applicable original paid receipts to substantiate the reimbursement.

Employee moving expenses paid or reimbursed by the University from departmental funds will be taxed and reported according to the Internal Revenue Service Code (Publication 521 Moving Expenses).



Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance, Director of Business Services