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Housing Application

Roommate Preference and Compatibility

Please respond to the following as truthfully as possible as these questions will be used to match you with a roommate. In order for successful matching, please answer as they relate to you, not what you are looking for in a roommate. You should not expect to have similar responses on all of these questions. It is important for roommates to discuss their likes and dislikes as a means to better understand each other and to build a cooperative relationship. PLEASE NOTE: as with the rest of the application, it is very important that the profile questions are completed by the student, not a parent or guardian.
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Resident Contract

Carefully read the Housing Contract Conditions and Montana Western Student Handbook, click links for a downloadable pdf. Note that all resident students are obligated to live in on-campus housing and participate in the meal plan offered by Montana Western. Current costs for room rental, meal plan, and other fees are listed on our website.