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Office of Field Experience

UMW Office of Field Experience Mentor Teacher Paperwork Instructions:

Thank you for supervising UMW Education students in your classroom.  Be sure to keep a record of the students you are supervising and include their names on the mentor teacher contract.

All payment forms must be completed and submitted to the UMW Office of Field Experience by the following semester deadlines to ensure prompt payment:

     Fall Semester:  December 1     Spring Semester:  April 1

All forms are form-fillable. The mentor teacher contracts and the Payroll Data Form can be signed electronically and submitted by email. I-9 and W-4 tax forms must be printed out and signed. They can then be scanned and submitted by email. All forms can also be faxed to 406-683-7662.

Include a copy of your unexpired passport or copies of two forms of acceptable identification (one from list B AND one from list C on page 3).

To submit paperwork electronically, scan your paperwork and email as an attachment to: [email protected]

Paperwork can also be submitted by mail. Send to:

Office of Field Experience
Box 122
710 S. Atlantic
Dillon, MT  59725
Or submit by fax:


Please print, complete, and submit all forms by the semester deadline.

1.  Payroll Data Form:  Mentor teachers must complete the first three sections of the payroll data form. In the section titled “Designation of Person Authorized to Receive Decedent’s Warrants”, please do not designate yourself as a beneficiary. Payroll Data Form is available here.

2.  Mentor Teacher Contract: Complete and sign the mentor teacher contract. Be sure to include number and names of students supervised each semester.

Field Experience/Rural Fridays: Contract is available here.

Student Teaching Mentor Teacher: Contract is available here.

University Supervisor: Contract is available here.

3.  Form I-9: Mentor teachers must complete all of Section 1 of form I-9 (page 1) and complete the Employee Last Name, First Name and Middle Initial box in Section 2 (page 2). Include a copy of your unexpired passport or copies of two forms of acceptable identification (from lists B and C on page 3). The digital fillable Form I-9 is available here and the hand fillable paper From I-9 is available here.

4.  Form W-4: Complete steps 1-5, then sign and date. Form W-4 is available here.

5.  Form MW-4 Montana Withholding Form: Complete page 1, then sign and date. Form MW-4 is available here.

* Forms I-9 and W-4 must be submitted every 3 years. If you have completed an I-9 and W-4 for Montana Western in the past three years, you do not need to submit the I-9 and W-4. 

Questions about the payment process?

Contact Connie Beck at the UMW Office of Field Experience at 406-683-7636.

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