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Student Enrollment and Attendance Policy

Student Enrollment and Attendance Policy – 203.1

Students at the University of Montana Western enroll on a semester basis and are expected to register (including paying tuition and fees) prior to the start of the term for all classes they plan to complete during that term and, once registered, to actively participate in learning activities associated with courses in which they are enrolled. Based on this policy, the following procedures will enable university officials to determine the enrollment status of students.

Student Enrollment Status—based on weeks of actual attendance AND student credit load.
a.     Full-time – registering for twelve (12) or more credits of academic classes AND attending classes through the entire semester.
b.     Part-term – registering for twelve (12) or more credits in the semester but attending classes less than the full semester.
c.     Part-time – registering for less than twelve (12) credits in the semester.

Who May Register
The following individuals are eligible to register for classes at Montana Western
·    Current students in “good” academic, financial and behavioral standing
·    Students new to Montana Western who have satisfactorily completed the UMW admissions procedure
·    Former/previous students who have been officially readmitted

Registration procedures vary slightly depending upon:
·    the term of enrollment
·    status as a current or new student
·    whether registration is for day, evening, weekend, on-campus, off-campus, or internet classes
·    the number of classes/credits attempted
·    whether the prospective enrollee is pursuing completion of a degree or formal program of study at Montana Western

Helpful links
Admission to the University
New Transfer Student Guidelines

Students are responsible for making informed enrollment decisions and for knowledge of and compliance with University policies and procedures governing admission, registration, enrollment, obligation for payment, student conduct, and graduation. Students should consult the University Catalog, current class schedule, Student Handbook, DAWGS (, or the University website ( for specific information about their academic status or answers to general questions.

Registration Procedures
Helpful link to guide you through the registration processes

Tuition and Fees
Montana University System Tuition & Fee Schedules 

Fee Payment
Montana Western operates on a semester system. Students are expected to pay all enrollment costs for a term on or before the first day of the term.  For more information see Business Services Office

Advising Information
Course Descriptions (Search by term/semester for a specific course) (Dawgs account)
Class Schedules
Common Course Numbering Translation Guides 
Full-Time Student Enrollment/Attendance Notice

Textbook Information
To find and purchase textbooks or study materials for courses for which you are registering go to:   Purchase Your Textbooks Online If you have questions regarding textbooks, contact the Bookstore. 683-7281

Other Enrollment Related Information
MUS Residency Policy
Athletic Eligibility (NAIA and NIRA Requirements, UMW Policy)
Adding, Dropping or Withdrawing From Classes
Request for Academic Policy Waiver or Enrollment Status Change
Course/Credit Overload Petition & Double-Block Form
Check Your Class Schedule and Financial Account

Credit for Non-Traditional Learning Experiences
Credit for Advanced Placement (AP)  (UMW Policy)
Credit for CLEP (College Level Exam Program Tests (UMW Policy)

Credit for TechPrep Courses in High School (Denise Holland, Instructor, UM-Western Business Department)

TECH PREP is a technical education program that helps prepare students for both employment and continuing education. Tech Prep creates the opportunity for students to earn advanced placement credit for high school classes that relate and lead to associate degrees or certification programs in technical career fields. ARTICULATION agreements from many Montana high schools help students earn credit toward a degree. You can save time and money for classes you have already taken in high school by transferring those credits. And, once you have obtained your Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS), you may decide to continue your education in your chosen field. A Bachelor of Applied Science Degree (BAS) is available to you by transferring credits already earned to a four year institution. For more information, please contact:  Denise Holland, Instructor, UM Western Business Department.

How to Use Web Registration

UM-Western Web Registration System (DAWGS)

Registrations via the Internet or web registration on DAWGS, UMW’s on-line student information/registration system is available to:
Current students (or, if between terms, those individuals who were actively enrolled during   the immediately preceding term)*
Newly admitted students who have been notified by the Montana Western Admissions Office that they are cleared to register
*  individuals with “holds” on their records are not eligible to utilize web registration services via DAWGS.

If you experience problems with DAWGS, please contact the Montana Western Registrar’s Office at (406)683-7370 or toll-free at (866)869-6668.

Registering for classes via DAWGS is an easy process if you follow the simple instructions below. A word of advice before you begin the actual registration process, be sure to have your class schedule planned including appropriate course titles, department codes, course numbers and course reference numbers (CRNs).

Class Schedule Information
Check the Class Schedules for information on course times, CRN numbers and descriptions. With your completed worksheet, you will want to log onto the Secure Area. You will be asked to enter your User ID Number and your PIN Number (see below). Remember that once you log on to the Secure Area you will be disconnected if 5 minutes pass without any entry.

To begin the on-line web registration process, access an internet browser, Internet Explorer works best for using DAWGS. Remember, if you enter any invalid data, the system alerts you to the error and prompts you for the correct information. After you add courses, drop courses or change any course options, you must click “Submit Changes”. If you log out before you Submit Changes, changes will not take effect. If you have questions about the system or encounter problems with DAWGS, call the Registration Help Line at (406)683-7370.

How to Use Web Registration

  1. Click on Login to Secure Area at the site.
  2. Follow the directions on the screen to enter your ID number and your PIN. Initially, your PIN is your birthdate in mmddyy format; for example, 060770 is June 7, 1970. Click Login. [Students entering DAWGS for the first time will be required to change their PIN (for security reasons). Choose a new number and enter it when prompted; the system will ask you to enter a “hint” question and answer which serves as a reminder in case you forget your new PIN.]
  3. Re-enter your PIN and click Login again.
  4. At the Main Menu, click on Student Registration.
  5. At Student Registration click Registration.
  6. At Registration, click on Add/Drop Classes.
  7. Select the appropriate Term option when prompted, then click Submit Term.
  8. Enter your Alternate PIN – your advisor has this number – when prompted.
  9. Follow the directions on the screen to enter the course request numbers (CRNs) of the courses you wish take. Click on Submit Changes after you’ve entered all CRNs or made all changes you want to your term class schedule. FYI – To Drop a class (if necessary), go back to the Add/Drop Classes screen and click on the arrow to the left of the course you want to drop, select withdraw or drop from the pull-down menu, then click on Submit Changes.
  10. DAWGS comes with a course search option/capability; you can search for classes via a variety options including “course times” and/or “instructor”; familiarize yourself with this system for possible future reference.
  11. If you wish to change from traditional letter grading to audit or to enter a specific number of credits if you are attempting to register for a variable-credit course, click on the menu in the upper right corner to return to the Registration menu. Click on Change Class Options. Click the arrow to the right of the appropriate class and select Audit for example. Finally click Submit Changes.
  12. Use the Menu button (upper right corner of any screen in DAWGS) to move around quickly and easily in DAWGS.

OTHER FEATURES OF DAWGS – You can view your class schedule, look at final grades, access unofficial transcript information, review your address and program of study information, check on “holds”, look at your financial account at Western, etc, use the “Menu” button to surf DAWGS. Remember to click Submit Changes if you add or drop classes or change course options. Also, for security reasons, always exit DAWGS and close the browser to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your confidential information in DAWGS.

To end the registration process, click on Exit in the top right corner of the screen and then Return to Homepage. To ensure that no one can get back to your information, always exit from the browser you are using.

Transcript Requests & Grades

Access to Grades and Transcripts of Academic Records

The academic records for all current and former students enrolled at Montana Western are maintained by the university Registrar. Students or former students can access course final grades or transcripts of their complete academic record by contacting the university Registrar’s Office, or, if enrolled at Western after 1992, they can view unofficial grade and transcript information via Western’s on-line student records system – DAWGS, at
Grades Available via the Internet
Policies Governing Transcript and Record Access

To Order Official Transcripts:
Current and former Montana Western students can request transcripts in the following ways. All transcript requests require the following information in order to be processed. Any incomplete transcript requests will result in delays in processing.
Online Transcript Ordering
Transcripts can be ordered via the internet 24/7 through the National Student Clearinghouse. You can place as many orders as you like in one session using any major credit card. Your card will only be charged after you order online using your email address and order number. If you would like to place an order for official transcript(s) please go to:
You will need a valid credit card, an email address, and access to a fax machine.  There is an additional processing fee of $2.25 per recipient plus the basic transcript of $10.00.
Your signed consent may be required to fulfill your transcript order. For your convenience, a consent form will be generated for your order and can be signed and submitted online.

Printable Transcript Request Form: 
Printable Transcript Request Form
Please Note: This form can only be sent by mail or by faxing.
Transcript Fees

Request for Transmittal Application Materials:
Request for Transmittal of Application Materials
Please Note: Only participating schools can receive this type of materials.
MUS Single Admissions File Policy

To access unofficial final grads/transcript information on DAWGS:
Current Montana Western students can access final grades a number of ways. The most convenient method is via Western’s on-line (internet) student records system “DAWGS” at: 
1. Go to via an internet browser such as Internet Explorer.
2. Click on “MyUMW”
3. Click on “Registration/Student Information”
4. Click on “Login to Dawgs”
5. Enter User ID (Student ID or SSN, do not enter dashes) and your PIN (your birth date unless you changed it…in MMDDYY format, you must enter leading zeroes as in June=06)
6. Click on “Student Services”
7. Click on “Student Records”
8. Click “View Unofficial Transcript” then scroll to the semester/term final grades needed
9. Exit DAWGS and close the browser to prevent unauthorized access to confidential information.

Enrolled students who wish to view current semester/term block course grades should:
1.     Access Dawgs
2.     Click Login to Secure Area
3.     Enter User ID (Student ID or SSN) and Pin
4.     Click on Student Services
5.     Click on Student Records
6.     Click on Block Grades
7.     Exit DAWGS and close the browser to prevent unauthorized access to confidential information

Voter Registration Information

Federal election regulations (National Voter Registration Act) requires that colleges and universities make voter registration materials available to their campus constituencies. Voter registration materials are available at the Student Life Office on the UM-Western campus; voter registration materials are usually made available during opening week activities at the start of Fall Semester. Montana residents can access additional voter registration information and a downloadable Montana voter registration card on the Secretary of State’s website. Non-resident students will find a universal/national voter registration card at the Federal Election Commission’s website.

Montana resident voter/election information:

Non (Montana) -resident: