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Remote Course Delivery FAQs, Tips & Strategies

Please see the information below for helpful information and links to resources to help you with Moodle, distance technology and software in order to successfully engage in your coursework.

For updates on the university’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and for health information and advisories, please continue to visit the UMW Health Advisories webpage.

Delivery Tools

Communication and course materials can be disseminated by using:

  • Email for direct communication. You will want to make sure you are monitoring your email for notifications and messages from your professors.
  • OneDrive for file distribution. Your instructors may have shared a file with you containing important course documents and information. Make sure you are monitoring your emails for links and more. After logging in to your email, you can also click on the “Apps” grid icon and then click on OneDrive to access all of your OneDrive files and to share files with others.
  • Zoom for live communication with your professor and participation in class discussions online. Your professors may choose to host live lectures and classes via Zoom. Your professor will send you a link.
  • Moodle for course announcements, assignments, course materials, lecture notes or PowerPoints, quizzes, assessments/exams, and forum discussions. Moodle is an accessible platform. Log into Moodle to stay on top of notifications and information from your professors.

Tips for Using OneDrive

  1. Your professor may share documents and files with you using your OneDrive account.
  2. Review the OneDrive Support page for more information.
  3. Review the OneDrive support knowledge base for frequently asked questions and troubleshooting.

Tips for Using Moodle

  1. To limit potential technical difficulties, use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari Web browsers.
  2. You may want to consider checking your Internet speed.
  3. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and save PDF files and a word processing program that can open and edit Word documents. The University of Montana Western provides Microsoft Office 365 for free to UMW Students.
  4. Review the Moodle 101 for Students course in Moodle.

Tips for Using Zoom

  1. Review Zoom’s System Requirements for PC, Mac and Linux
  2. Connectivity problems can happen. If you experience difficulties it’s okay, rejoin as able. If problems persist, consider checking your Internet speed.
  3. Control background noise. We know you may not always be able to find quiet space and control interruptions by roommates, spouses, children, and pets. Stay muted unless you are going to speak. Use earbuds or headphones and refrain from typing unless you are muted. Your instructors also have the ability to mute all participants.
  4. Consider using Zoom’s built-in Chat feature or keeping the video feed off. This frees Internet bandwidth and will allow you to listen without worrying about your appearance.
  5. See this video about getting started with Zoom created by UMW professor, Dr. Debbie Seacrest.
  6. View tutorials for using Zoom on different devices.


Please contact the ITS Help Desk at 406-683-7777 for help with OneDrive and Zoom.

Please contact the eLearning Department ([email protected]) if you need additional assistance with Moodle.

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How do students use Zoom?

Dr. Debbie Seacrest has created a very helpful tutorial to help Montana Western students get started with Zoom available by clicking this link. When the page opens, click the “play” symbol at the bottom of the screen to play the video.

How can students connect with student support services online?


How do I set up a Zoom meeting and share the link in Moodle with my students?

You can set up your Zoom meeting one time and share the meeting invitation in Moodle. You and your students can then join the meeting for the remainder of the block/semester by clicking the link in Moodle. Please watch this helpful tutorial video that shows you step by step how to set up a Zoom meeting and then share it in Moodle:

How do I upload a Zoom video file from my computer to OneDrive so I can share it with my students?

Visit this link for a tutorial video about uploading video files.

Two important notes about video:

  1. Reach out to the eLearning Department ([email protected]) with questions about making your video content ADA accessible for individuals who are hearing and/or visually impaired.
  2. Students with new iPhones or iPads may need to change a setting on their device so that it records in a common format.

Should I record my class sessions with Zoom?

Please record your class sessions with Zoom so students who can’t attend live for any reason (i.e. access to high speed internet) can review it later. Visit the Zoom website for more information on this topic:

I’m looking for more remote teaching resources, where should I go?

Please visit the UMW Library’s Remote Teaching LibGuide and the UMW Community of Practice page.

General Information and Tutorials for Remote Delivery

Where can I go to learn more about using Zoom meetings?

Visit the “Getting started with Zoom meetings” video link from the Zoom website.

Where can I go to learn more about using OneDrive for sharing files?

Visit Microsoft’s OneDrive Help and Learning webpage.

How do I upload files to OneDrive?

Visit this link for more information.

How do I share share files and folders from OneDrive?

Visit this link for more information.

Student Strategies for Remote Course Delivery Learning Success

How will I receive communication from my instructor?

Make sure you monitor your UMW email for information outlining your instructor’s expectations for class continuation, how to contact them, how to submit assignments and more. Check back often or as directed so you can stay up to date on important updates and information. Please also expect to see communications from student support services across campus that are offering services via email, online, or phone.

Why is it important to keep up on coursework and activities? 

Students are expected to continue working on their coursework with the same level of attention and dedication as they normally would. Students are recommended to stay on track with homework, activities, and projects or reading assignments as normal. Students who are finding the transition difficult should communicate with their professors as soon as challenges arise so they can receive assistance.

How do I maintain a normal daily routine remotely?

Your professor may still host class during your regularly scheduled classtime. Though it may be tempting, please do not use normally scheduled class time to pursue other activities that do not relate to your classes. If you need accommodations or are having trouble with the alternative course-delivery formats due to Internet access, the need for additional accommodations, or for any other reasons please notify your professor. NOTE: Your professors want to see you succeed and will be accommodating to the best of their ability.

What should I do to ensure my technology is working?

Regularly update and check on the functionality of your personal technology such as laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. Reliable technology and their chargers should be easily located. If you need help with your technological devices, call the ITS Help Desk at 406-683-7777 or use the ITS contact form.

Develop backup plans ahead of time:

Develop a backup plan if you lack reliable power sources, an optimal study location or Internet access. Know your options in the event you are unable to participate at any point during your course, and speak to your professor ahead of time to determine how you will communicate in the event you are unable to participate due to unforeseen circumstances. Developing an alternative method based on your personal circumstances or situations is strongly encouraged. Use your professor as a resource and form of support. It’s okay to discuss and request additional accommodation.


Please contact the ITS Help Desk at 406-683-7777 for help with OneDrive and Zoom.

Please contact the eLearning Department ([email protected]) if you need additional assistance with Moodle.

Note: parts of the information on this page were acquired from resources from UMOnline at the University of Montana.