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Download the Emergency Preparedness Plan here.

Daily Crime Log

The Daily Crime Log is available for viewing during regular business hours excluding weekends and holidays. The Log is located at the Dean of Students Center. It contains the last 60 days of crimes reported to the campus security department, which includes Nature of crime, Case Number, Date/Time Reported, Date/Time Occurred, General Location, and Disposition.

Safety and Security Committee Members

• Nicole Hazelbaker
• Cole Cottom
• Mike Piazzola
• Tom Nichols
• Bill Wilson
• Trent Gibson
• Matt Raffety
• Chad Baver
• Cec Kuskie
• Two students from ASUMW
• Fire Department – Darrin Morast
• Fire Marshall – Rick Later
• Police – Donnie Guiberson
• Sheriff – Frank Kluesner
• DES – Tom Wagenecht
• Public Health – Sue Hansen

University executives

• Beth Weatherby
• Deb Hedeen
• Mike Reid