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Thank you for being an Official Attendee for TEDx University of Montana Western! This is a filmed production and only registered attendees will be allowed into the auditorium during each session. Seating is reserved, which means before the event you will need to select your seat. Please follow the steps on this page to make sure you are fully informed and ready for the conference.

Since there will be a camera and microphone focused on the audience, please know that you will be asked to sign a video release form before entering the theatre. All cellphones and electronic devices will need to be silenced before each session. No photography or videotaping will be allowed during the conference.

STEP ONE: Select a Seat

STEP TWO: Submit Food Allergy Survey

STEP THREE: Attend the Event

TEDx University of Montana Western takes place on the UMW Campus. We will meet in the Beier Auditorium which is on the Second Floor of Main Hall.


Please plan to park your vehicle along S. Atlantic St., E. Poindexter St., or in the parking lot next to Main Hall. Since this event takes place on a Saturday no ticketing will occur during the event.

STEP FOUR: Post-Event Follow Up

After the event you will receive an email from the TED Corporation asking about your opinion. Please be sure to fill out this brief survey.

If you would like to leave a comment for an individual speaker please submit your thoughts below. We will forward your remarks to them after the conference.

This event is made possible by the Montana Western Foundation Fund for Experience One. Please consider sending donating to the Foundation to make more opportunities like this possible in Dillon.