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600-Campus Facilities Policies / 601.8 Video Surveillance Policy

Date Adopted: 04/22/2024
Issuing Office: Administration and Finance
Approved By: Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance


The purpose of the Video Surveillance Policy is to (1) set forth regulations regarding Montana Western’s use of Security Cameras on its campus; and (2) provide notice of such Video Surveillance to all persons who utilize Montana Western’s campus, including but not limited to, university personnel, students, and visitors. In order to respect and protect all persons right to privacy under Federal and Montana law, Montana Western sets forth this policy to strictly regulate the use of Video Surveillance. This policy applies to all Video Surveillance equipment used by Montana Western, subject to the explicit exclusions set forth herein. Montana Western is committed to providing a safe and secure campus while safeguarding the privacy of students, visitors, and University Personnel. Montana Western employs Video Surveillance for the purposes of enhancing public safety, monitoring restricted areas or equipment, discouraging theft and other criminal activities, and for preventing, investigating, and resolving incidents.


I. Scope of Video Surveillance

II. Monitoring

III. Use of Footage

IV. Security Camera Approval & Removal Process

Security Camera Removal Process

V. Exclusions