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Alum graduates from law enforcement academy.

May 24, 2016

“Montana Western and the Experience One program gave me the education and skill sets to achieve my childhood dream of becoming a game warden in Montana,” Langel said. “With much of our classroom time spent in the outdoors, I was well prepared for a career in managing Montana’s fish and wildlife.”

Langel grew up in Helena, Mont., where he spent a great deal of his time in the outdoors hunting and fishing. From a young age he knew he wanted to become a game warden with the FWP.

“I’ve wanted to be a game warden as long as I can remember,” Langel said. “I feel it’s an extremely important job educating the public and preserving the great aspects of Montana, including its unique natural resources, the animals and the land,” Langel said.

Langel decided to attend Montana Western because of its environmental science degree, Experience One and its football team. He had a successful football career for five seasons and was regularly featured on the dean’s list during his time at UMW.

“Going to Montana Western was an incredible and unique experience because of the X1 program,” Langel said. “The class format allowed me to have valuable field experiences and work along side a lot of environmental agencies. The focused classroom setting gave me the opportunity to practice real-world skills, develop my resume and strengthen my public speaking ability.”

Langel was able to enroll in a game warden trainee program with the local FWP while he was still a student at Montana Western. After graduating from the program, the FWP hired him on full time as a sworn peace officer and game warden.

Within his first year as a warden he must graduate the Montana Law Enforcement Academy and complete three months of field experience in Columbus, Missoula and Sydney, Mont. After his training he will be stationed in Costrip, Mont.

“I will be meeting new people and helping in anyway I can, educating the public about Montana’s valuable natural resources, and working outdoors everyday in beautiful country,” Langel said. “I’m looking forward to a long and successful career with the FWP, which wouldn’t have been possible without Montana Western.”

Langel received a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental interpretation in December 2015 and he participated in commencement ceremonies in May 2016.