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Atlantic Street Renovation Project Nears Completion

November 4, 2021

The University of Montana Western is excited to share with the community that the Atlantic Street Renovation Project is now 90% complete, with a few remaining tasks to be completed next spring.

Please find below some highlights of this project that were completed this summer and fall

  • The existing elevated sidewalk and retaining wall were removed and replaced with a new, curb level sidewalk. This addressed several safety hazards and ADA access issues that had been present in this area of campus for many years.
  • The campus lawn was re-contoured to match the grade level of the new sidewalk.
  • Approximately 21,000 square feet of sod was placed.
  • A combination of six total red oak and silver linden trees were planted.
  • Approximately 580 feet of sidewalk was replaced.
  • The irrigation system was reconfigured to ensure adequate coverage for the new sod and plantings.

Tasks to complete next spring

  • Another 7,000 square feet of sod will be placed to complete the re-contoured lawn.
  • Multiple plantings will be added to the center concrete planters at the new entrance area in front of Main Hall.
  • Rocks from the retaining wall that were salvaged during demolition will be installed around the new concrete planters to blend them in with the historic surroundings of campus.

Please note that all of the new sidewalks and access points will be usable for the duration of the winter once the construction crew completes the remaining concrete work and handrail installation. The new sidewalks and access points can be used once the orange fence has been removed from those areas which should take place within the next two weeks.  

There will be some fencing left around the lawn areas still needing sod to protect them over the winter and covers on the concrete planters in the areas that will have rocks installed next spring.

Montana Western would like to thank the campus and Dillon community for their patience during the construction process, and we look forward to fully completing the project in the spring.

For more information, please email UMW Director of Facilities, Michael Brown: [email protected].