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Callie Kanthack Explores the Social Sciences

April 6, 2018

Callie Kanthack believes the University of Montana Western is the best place she could go to kick-start her dream of becoming a future lawyer.

Callie Kanthack

She has fully immersed herself in campus and community service, joining the Honors Club, P.A.T.H. (Peers Advocating Towards Health), and the Rape Prevention Education Task Force. She has also volunteered at the Women’s Resource Center where she helped raise over $500 during the Denim Day Fundraiser last year.

Her passion for justice runs in the family. Taylor Kanthack, her older sister and a UMW alumna, is currently in her third year studying law at the University of Idaho.

Callie Kanthack is an interdisciplinary social sciences major. This unique major combines courses on global politics, sociology, and legal studies, which Kanthack believes will provide her with a well-rounded base for work in the legal system.

Along with her services to the community, Kanthack is also an advocate for the University of Montana Western’s Experience One program, a unique and immersive program that allows students to focus on one course at a time for three hours per day for 18 days before moving on to the next course.

“It’s great for discussions because you have more time, and I like being immersed in one topic. Many classes take field trips where you get to learn hands-on,” said Kanthack.

One of her favorite courses has been a senior seminar with Professor of Political Philosophy, Dr. Sean Eudaily, which was comprised of researching and discussing the O.J. Simpson trial.

On the staff and community at Montana Western, she said:

“There is an acceptance of diversity here. It’s a safe and supportive campus. You are a person at Montana Western, not a number. It’s a student-first university.”