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Chinese high school students visit Montana Western.

July 31, 2015

In welcoming the students Montana Western Chancellor Beth Weatherby said, “It’s wonderful that these soon-to-be college students have the opportunity to learn in Montana’s breathtaking landscapes and that we can give them a taste of Experience One and experiential learning here at UMW.”

Education professors Dana Cotton and John Xanthopoulos taught the visiting students about the socratic method of discussion and critical thinking techniques.

Cotton said, “We are strengthening their verbal communication and critical thinking skills by immersing them in our culture which will help them stand out when they apply to American colleges.

“It is my hope that we work with more programs like YESPI so we can demonstrate how much our university has to offer.”

The students will spend 21 days visiting Yellowstone and the Rocky Boy Reservation, rafting the Gallatin River and riding horses in Virginia City.

YESPI is an Ennis-based company which prepares Chinese students for college life abroad.

Chinese StudentsMontana Western Chancellor Beth Weatherby and professors John Xanthopoulos and Dana Cotton greet visiting Chinese students.