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Christian Gilde Appointed Editor of Peer Reviewed Journal

February 5, 2019

Christian Gilde, Associate Professor of Business at Montana Western, has been appointed managing editor of the Journal for Advancing Business Education.

Christian Gilde

The Journal is affiliated with the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE). Montana Western is the first college in the state of Montana to be accredited through this organization.

Gilde received his M.A. from Boston College and his Ph.D. from the University of Bath in Bath, England. His teaching interests include marketing, consumer behavior, management, and operations management.

Gilde’s research has been featured in numerous journal articles and books on business and higher education, making him a suitable editor of a peer reviewed journal.

The Journal for Advancing Business Education is published online once a year and follows the general IACBE theme of “Moving. Forward. Together.” The mission of the Journal is to publish the best practices and scholarship in business and business-related fields to improve business education and society.

While being the managing editor of the Journal for Advancing Business Education, Gilde also teaches many business classes at Montana Western, including BUS 304: Leadership. This course focuses on the three levels of leadership: individual, team, and organizational.

At Montana Western, courses are taken one at a time for 18 days allowing faculty to provide students a more immersive education. This experiential approach, known as Experience One, allows Gilde to structure a comprehensive course that can be appreciated by business and non-business majoring students alike.

Students in this course start by taking a personality test to discover which style of leadership they are best suited for. From there they critique leadership approaches displayed in movies and work together as teams to summit Mount Everest through an online simulation. The course concludes with students assessing how NASA handled their space shuttle disasters.

The Journal’s focus is on business education so Gilde’s experiences as an educator inform his efforts as an editor. The experiential learning offered at UMW allows Gilde to experience firsthand the teaching and learning dynamics associated with business education.

To learn more about Experience One, please visit the UMW website.

To learn more about the Journal for Advancing Business Education, please contact Christian Gilde at [email protected] or visit The Journal’s website.