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Kappa Delta Pi inducts new students

April 26, 2010

Montana Western alumna Jennifer Ostler, the featured speaker at the induction ceremony, said the society is an important way to recognize education students’ academic efforts.

“It’s an honor and it feels really good to be recognized for your hard work,” Ostler said.

Ostler told the inductees that her experience at Montana Western prepared her for the real world. In order to be inducted into the society, the students have to be in the top 20 percent of their class, have a 3.0 GPA or higher and receive a recommendation from one of their professors.

“Kappa Delta Pi sets them apart from the average student, and in this day and age, it’s important to do that,” said Michael Schultz, a counselor for the society. “It shows that they’ve accomplished something not only in their GPA but in the eyes of their professors as well.”

Kappa Delta Pi’s newest inductees include: Tyrel Allen, Shannon Blunn, April Brashear, Matt Etienne, Amanda Gasvoda, Kahli Gerken, Michael “Dolan” Gilreath, Kayla Grossman, Kelsiann Helsley, Molly Hyndman, Andrea James, Cory Jester, Katherine Keyes, Patricia Korman, Cory Kump, Renee Kuntz, Cody Larson, Lynette Larsn, Andrea Marler, Sandra McDonald, Molly McLaughlin, Samantha Meek, Sarina Menosky, Kirsten Morasko, Gerriuh Nay, River Newman, Brittany Park, Melissa Peters, Justin Schultz, Maria St. John, Shaylin Young, Rudy Rehse, Catherine Schmitz and Aliece Wichman.