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Kids Theatre Camp presents play about Greece.

August 6, 2015

Camp Director Tiffany Johnson said “Greece” is the story of Prometheus stealing fire from Mt. Olympus. “He has stolen the fire from Zeus while the lord of the sky was taking a shower. Zeus has sent out his messenger, Hermes, to find the local all-around handyman, Heracles, to fix the damages” Johnson said.

School of Outreach Program Coordinator Christina Peltier said, “It is a fun, light-hearted play about the ancient greek myths brought to life by an amazing group of young students.” 

The camp is in it’s second year under Johnson’s direction. She has recruited the help of Montana Western education majors with drama minors to assist in teaching.

Johnson said, “It is an ideal environment for the college students to use what they’ve learned in a professional real-world setting.”

“I love Experience One. It lends itself so well to the theatre department,” said Johnson.  Experience One is Montana Western’s innovative scheduling system where students take a single class at a time and focus on hands-on learning.