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Missoulian Highlights Montana Western’s Innovative Experience One Program

August 20, 2019

The Missoulian, a daily newspaper in Missoula, Mont., covered a series of articles that featured many highlights about the University of Montana Western. 

The articles focus on how universities across the state are serving their students while ensuring their success through innovative programs and opportunities.

Below are four articles from the series that highlight Montana Western students achieving their goals through the power of Experience One, a unique one course at a time block scheduling program only offered at UMW.

Students Have an Uphill Battle to Degrees, but Montana Educators Push for Success

“After struggling to keep students, UMW in Dillon transformed its educational model following a pilot project ending in 2003. Its leaders took the school from one some community members feared was on the brink of closure to a campus other institutions see as a model,” said Chancellor Beth Weatherby.

University of Montana Western Reshaped its Educational Model

Experience One established the “block schedule,” which transformed the way faculty teach and offers students immersive learning. Montana Western is the only public university in the United States offering Experience One, where students take one course at a time for 18 days, take a short break, and then move on to their next course.

Here’s How One Student Finds College Affordable

Adrianna Pittman is studying math and science at Montana Western and works as a resident assistant. With the help of scholarships, she paid only $6.20 for tuition last semester.

Looking to the Future: Students, Faculty and Advisers Talk about Education and their Future

Professor Mike Morrow shares his story of teaching at the University of Montana Western starting in 2002 while the campus was moving toward the new teaching model of Experience One. Now that the model is fully implemented, Morrow describes the benefits he sees of the “block schedule” for students.