Montana University System reports significant increase in UMW enrollment

UMW Chancellor Richard Storey said the growth represents the highest among Montana four-year institutions. Montana Tech was second with an increase of 19.6 percent.

The report details annualized full-time equivalent student enrollments over each fiscal year. In 2003, Montana Western reported an enrollment of 997. That number has grown to 1,439 students in 2013, or a 44.3 percent increase.

Most recently UMW saw a 5.3 percent increase in enrollment for 2013 over the previous year.

UMW’s enrollment increase from 2012 to 2013 is the highest among four-year Montana University System schools. Montana State University follows with a 4.6 percent increase in enrollment. 

“Our success is a team effort between faculty, staff and administration. We anticipate that trend will continue as more and more prospective students discover Experience One, our unique scheduling system where students take a single class at a time,” Chancellor Storey said.

Montana Western is the only four-year public university in the U.S. offering Experience One, a block scheduling program, where a student takes one class at a time, for three hours a day, for about three weeks before moving onto the next course.