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Montana Western attends high tech jobs summit.

September 17, 2015

The Montana High Tech Jobs Summit seeks to bring together the nation’s high tech industry leaders and discuss ways to create more high tech jobs in Montana.

“The Montana High Tech Jobs Summit was an excellent opportunity to showcase Montana Western’s talent and learn from industry leaders about what will bring high tech jobs to Montana,” Chancellor Weatherby said. “Montana Western’s business and technology degrees are preparing our students to enter business and tech fields that will keep Montana’s economy vibrant and cutting edge.” 

While attending the summit Montana Western students, the group was able to meet with State Senator Debby Barrett (Dillon) and business leaders from high tech companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, NASA, Helix, Charter and Intel. 

“Attending the High Tech Jobs Summit has been a very unique learning experience,” Montana Western business major Jodee Seliskar said. “I now know that I don’t have to leave Montana to find work. There are plenty of innovative job opportunities in Montana.”

The summit included over 300 participants from around the state and nation.

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