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Montana Western enrollment continues steady climb

October 3, 2012


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For the sixth year in a row, the University of Montana Western is experiencing increased enrollment numbers. The official Fall 2012 Semester 15th day enrollment numbers, which Montana Western submitted to the Montana Board of Regents, reports a headcount of 1,447 and a Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) of 1,376. The FTE is a measure universities use to draw a clearer picture of enrollment by taking the total credit hours generated by students divided by 15. Headcount is up 71 from last fall’s 1,379 while the new FTE is up 51 from 1,325 in Fall 2011. Both numbers represent modern day enrollment records for Montana Western. First-year students are up 23 from last year at 477 students. Likewise, the transfer student figure is 153, up 16 from last year. University of Montana Western Chancellor Richard Storey said the continuing upward flux of new and transfer students reflects success at all levels of Montana Western, particularly for Montana Western academics and the institution’s unique block scheduling program in which students take a single class at a time. Montana Western is the only public four-year university to offer classes in a block schedule. “We are of course very pleased about these numbers,” Chancellor Storey said of the Fall 2012 enrollment report. “More and more students continue to discover why Montana Western is such a special university, and these numbers reflect the quality and value of a Montana Western education. The increased enrollment also reflects the efforts of our admissions, marketing and student success offices as well as faculty and staff who work so hard and effectively as a unified team to recruit, retain and educate our students.”