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Montana Western Offers Variety of Online Courses for Summer Session

April 9, 2020

The University of Montana Western is offering a variety of online courses for the upcoming summer session. Returning Montana Western students can register for summer courses starting April 20, and new students can register starting May 4.

The online course session begins on May 18 and concludes on July 24. Summer courses, delivered through remote instruction, provide an exciting opportunity for students to take courses in their degree paths or explore an elective, while allowing them to still pursue job opportunities or family and community needs wherever they are located.

Below are some examples of the courses being offered this summer, provided by members of the Montana Western faculty:

ARTZ 106: Visual Language – 2-D Foundations, taught by Nathaniel Freeman

An online studio introduction to visual language with an emphasis on the visual organization of two-dimensional elements as a means of expression. Topics include shape, color, space, form, unity, balance, scale, proportion, texture, visual hierarchy, word/image relationships, typography, symbol design, and problem-solving. Students investigate a variety of 2D image-making techniques (both traditional and digital media) while developing a verbal and visual vocabulary to discuss art and design in both contemporary and historical contexts.

EDEC 215: Cultural Diversity in Early Childhood Education, taught by Dr. Jen Gilliard

EDEC 215 online is a course that inspires transformation. At the completion of this course, early childhood teacher candidates consistently say they feel inspired and prepared to meet the needs of diverse learners. The course activities take students on a journey of personal awareness and discovery as they develop both their cultural humility and cultural competence.  As students become aware of the unique cultural lens through which they see all learners, they explore hidden privileges, hidden oppression, and unique histories and cultures of diverse populations. Culturally responsive curriculum and instruction are studied, analyzed, and embraced. Students interview early childhood professionals via video chat to gain insight into techniques that support optimal learning opportunities for each learner.

HSTR 274: World History, taught by Dr. Bill Janus

In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, HSTR 274, World History, has been specially redesigned to solely examine the many ways in which plague, smallpox, cholera, and influenza have shaped human history across the globe. In particular, the class will explore disease ecology, Western Imperialism and disease history, the role of epidemiology in the mobilization of public health resources to confront epidemics, and the social processes by which groups become stigmatized during disease outbreaks. This history of quarantine, contagious disease, viruses, infections, and epidemics will offer important context for the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

EDU 491J: Theory and Practice in Education, taught by Dr. Estee Aiken

This course is part of UMW’s unique, fully online certificate program that allows individuals with bachelor’s degrees to become teachers. In this introductory course, students explore the foundations of history, philosophy, theory, and practices in education. In addition to broad theory and practice, students are introduced to classroom management, diversity, and instructional strategies, including the use of technology. Theory and Practice in Education lays the foundation for field-based courses to come so that students are ready to dive into teaching!

To view the full list of the summer 2020 course offerings, click here. For more information about registering for an online summer course, visit the registration page on the Office of the Registrar website or contact the Academic Advising Center by emailing [email protected].