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Montana Western ranks in nation’s top 100 colleges

September 26, 2014

ETC is a non-profit organization focused on providing high school students and their parents with tools to make decisions about colleges and future careers.
The ETC college ranking system determines the economic value added by each college within their system. ETC’s website defines economic value added as being the improvement in earnings and employability of graduates measured against the cost of education.
Institutions like Montana Western that rank in the top third of the ETC Index have a relatively high percentage of graduates who will be employed in their field of study. A majority of students at these institutions will graduate in 4 or 5 years. In addition, earnings of graduates are relatively high and loan default rates are very low.
“We are very proud of our student success initiatives here at Montana Western, where it’s clear these investments have made a huge impact,” said UMW Interim Chancellor Roberta Evans. “Faculty members focus on creating personalized, experiential learning through our unique teaching system, Experience One. As a result, students are fully immersed in their studies, guided by world-class professors who know them well and care about their progress. These connections not only ensure academic and personal achievements for students, but they also solidify exactly the kind of mentoring that guides our graduates smoothly into exciting careers.”
The rankings include accredited four-year colleges with annual enrollments of greater than 1,000 students. The ETC College Rankings Index analyzes data for over 1,200 colleges.
Montana Western is the only university in the Montana University System to be ranked in the top 100 colleges by ETC.