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Montana Western student presents wild mustangs experience.

October 23, 2015

Wieman first participated in the Pryor Mountain study class last summer in which she and other natural horsemanship students went to the Pryor Mountains in southeastern Montana to camp and observe mustang herd behaviors. 

“It was a fascinating experience that I never imagined possible,” Wieman said. “By watching those horses I was better able to understand my own horse and greatly improve my horsemanship skills.”

This past summer Wieman went to the Pryor Mountains again, but this time as an employee. When she came back, Montana Western’s Foundation executive director and member of the local Rotary Club, Roxanne Engellant, asked Wieman to present to the rotary club as a guest speaker.

Wieman explained the uniqueness of the Pryor mustangs, in that they’re descendants of escaped Spanish mustangs from hundreds of years ago, and not the more recent wild horses which are mostly escapees from ranches.  

“I was honored to be asked to present my experience with the pryor mustangs to the rotary club,” Wieman said. “It was a wonderful way for me to connect to the local community and for them to see how Montana Western’s Experience One program has allowed me to fashion my learning to fit my unique individual goals so I can thrive and succeed in my field.”

In addition to her natural horsemanship studies, Wieman is an intern in the university relations and marketing department, where she is an integral part of communicating UMW’s unique brand.   

“Natural horsemanship has opened so many doors for me and allowed me to grow in countless ways. If it wasn’t for the smallness of this school and the encouraging nature of its community, I never would have joined the university relations department and found my niche as a writer, photographer, graphic designer and videographer,” Wieman said.  

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