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Montana Western students reflect on Greece trip.

January 19, 2016

“The value of participating in an international trip like this is that students encounter a society and culture that views life differently than Americans, which exposes them to new ideas and experiences,” education professor John Xanthopoulos said.

Xanthopoulos, originally from Greece, organized and led the trip.   

Montana Western students traveled throughout Greece from Sept. 22 to Oct. 4, making stops in Athens, Olympia, Sparta, Corinth and the Island of Rhodes. 

During the trip students ate authentic Greek cuisine at every meal, danced to traditional Greek music and took in 4,000 years of art, architecture and history. 

“Traveling to Greece was a great opportunity for me and was only possible because of the flexibility of Montana Western’s Experience One Program (X1),” Elementary education major Brandon Piazzola said. “Meeting people with very little by American standards, but who are enjoying life to the fullest, altered my outlook about happiness and gratitude.”  

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