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Neon Artist Jacob Fishman to Visit Montana Western

January 18, 2019

Jacob Fishman, an electrical engineer, artist, and educator will be a visiting artist at Montana Western where he will be teaching students in class Jan. 22-25, 2019. His visit will include a guest lecture at the Emerick Art Building, Jan. 23. The event, which begins at 5 p.m., is free and open to the public.

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Fishman’s studio, Lightwriters Neon, was established in 1977. The studio fabricates neon for film, theater and technical applications. Lightwriters Neon also builds traditional neon signs in addition to providing restoration services to museums and private collectors for the conservation of electro-mechanical works of art.

Since the studio opened, Fishman and his crew have engineered and fabricated several neon sculptures for acclaimed artists like Bruce Nauman, Joseph Kosuth, and Mario Merz. The works of art have been displayed at the Berkeley Art Museum, Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art in Italy, and The Menil Collection in Huston, Texas.

In 2002 Fishman co-authored the book “The Neon Engineers Notebook” with a second edition published in 2007. This reference book provides neon artists a broad base of knowledge and understanding.

Fishman, who currently works for the Museum of Modern Art in New York, has recently expanded his work to include many more artists and institutions.

Please join us for this unique opportunity to learn more about the art of glass work and neon.

To learn more about Fishman and his work, please visit this website.

For more information about Fishman’s visit to Montana Western, please contact Michael Hengler by calling 406-683-7344 or email [email protected].