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Professor assists in creation of K-12 health standards.

August 2, 2016

Montana’s Office of Public Instruction (OPI) health and physical education standards were developed by content experts and educators meant as a guide for teachers, according to the OPI website.  

“The last set of standards were adopted 17 years ago, so there was much that needed to be revised and updated,” Chilson said. “The new standards are much clearer and easier for school districts to assess and meet the guidelines.”  

The latest standards, adopted in July 2016, were created to tackle issues such as obesity, type II diabetes and mental health, including modern topics such as cyberbullying.   

Chilson has been involved with the effort since 2014, working on the drafting and negotiated rules committee for the revision.  

“I was pleased to be a part of this important project that sets policy for the physical and mental well being of Montana’s children,” Chilson said.

Chilson said she is looking forward to using the new standards in training teachers and seeing the updated policy in action.   

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