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Science and art combine to create student projects.

March 9, 2016

Students from biology and art classes partnered up to create presentations and final projects about specific species. The projects portrayed issues from both a scientific and artistic perspective.

“This was a great final project for the students because it allowed them to broaden their view and approach about the species they were studying,” Anderson said.

Biology and art are usually seen as being on opposite sides of the academic spectrum, Anderson and Salix explained but they believe that the disciplines intertwine and compliment each other well. Both are attuned to viewing nature from both a scientific and artistic perspective, as Anderson was raised by her artist mother while Salix is married to a scientist and is an avid conservationist.

“By combining these disciplines it allows the art to be driven by science and nature which is empowering and creative beyond the typical art market criteria,” Salix said.

Salix plans to do similar collaborative projects with other members of the science department in the future.

The biology students researched their species extensively and created professional-level posters which are featured along side the artwork. The posters have specific details about the animals and plant-life such as its impact on the environment, its importance to the ecosystem and other unique characteristics it might have.

Species addressed in the project include elephants, platypus, elk, water bears, giardia, plant-life and others. Students used various mediums of art including water color, three-dimensional sculpture, Photoshop editing, photo transfer, assemblage, woodcarving and more.

“I contributed the facts and details about the species while my partner’s art piece was able to draw the viewer in, get them engaged and evoke an emotional response,” biology student Kelsie Field said.“I enjoyed this project because of the enthusiasm surrounding it and the inspiring and meaningful artwork that emerged.”