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Spring and Summer Facility Projects at Montana Western

May 12, 2022

The Facility Services Department at the University of Montana Western would like to share with the University and Dillon community some updates on projects that will be taking place over the next few months.

Main Hall and Legacy Plaza

Atlantic Street Frontage Project Completion

  • The project contractor will begin work on-site starting the week of May 16th to complete the project. 
  • Work to be completed will include installation of underground sprinklers and sod, the application of salvaged rocks from the old retaining wall to the fronts of the new concrete planters in front of Main Hall, and the planting of shrubs, bushes, and trees. 
  • Completion of the project is expected to take 30 – 45 days. 

Tree Health Assessment and Management

  • During the summer, campus personnel, with support from the Department of Natural Resource Conservation and the Dillon Tree Board, will conduct a complete campus tree inventory that will list each tree by species and location and report the current state of health of each tree. 
  • This inventory will then be used to inform campus master planning for the management of trees on the Montana Western campus.  
  • The results of this report will be shared with the university and community upon completion.  
  • In consultation with the DNRC arborist, due to poor health or because of safety issues, the trees listed below will be removed from six locations on campus during the month of June: 
    • A cottonwood tree behind the HHP lab with a split and compromised trunk; 
    • Two pine trees between the Bridenstein House and the Family Housing building due to their roots compromising the main sewer line in this area of campus; 
    • A damaged ash tree with split limb next to the Bridenstein House fence; 
    • A cluster of ash trees at the entrance of the old motor pool parking lot that have grown into the power lines above and cause access issues; 
    • An ash tree next to the foundation of the Curry House with limbs over the house and garage; 
    • A dead ash tree behind the Curry House. 

Block Hall Renovation Project Status Update 

  • The State of Montana Architecture & Engineering Division have formally issued an RFQ (request for qualifications) for architectural engineering firms to provide engineering schematic design and cost estimations for the Block Hall Renovation Project.  
  • It is anticipated that the bid for contractors will then be issued sometime in January/February 2023. 

Wellness Center Project Status Update

  • The Wellness Center project conceptual drawings and cost estimate will be presented as an informational item at next week’s Board of Regents meeting in Havre to be followed by a request for authorization of funding for the project at a future BOR meeting. 
  • The project is planned to be approximately 85% student-fee funded. 
  • For more information, visit the MUS website to view the meeting agenda and the Budget, Administration and Audit Committee Agenda (see item B listed under the Information section). 

Heating Plant Upgrade Project Update 

  • The old biomass boiler and furnace have been removed from the Heating Plant. 
  • The project will now move into the new boiler installation phase during the summer with expected project completion by October.   

Main Hall Exterior Door Card Swipe System Installation

  • The Main Hall exterior door card swipe system will be installed this summer and be fully functioning by the start of the fall semester.  

Parking Lot Maintenance

  • The BARC parking lot and the lot south of the SUB will be sealed and restriped in July. 

Landscaping near Dining Hall Entrances 

  • Landscaping and seeding of grass between the UMW Dining Hall entrance and MYCA Mess Hall Entrance will be completed this summer. 
  • This area will also include the addition of new picnic tables for students to eat, study, and relax.  

General Grounds Update

  • Aeration and fertilization of the campus grounds is complete. 
  • The campus canal water is available, and the pump system is on. Sprinkler systems have been pressured up and are functioning. Some minor repairs are required.   
  • Thank you to the cadets from the Montana Youth Challenge Academy for their help with raking and cleaning up the campus grounds this spring!  

Summer Work Opportunities

  • Montana Western Facility Services is currently recruiting for summer hires. Positions are available for both grounds maintenance and custodial work.  
  • Work period is this summer- June, July, and August, 4 days per week, 32 hours each week. Schedule flexibility is available.  
  • Pay scale ranges from $10-$12 per hour. Must be 16 years of age. Must be able to operate typical lawn care equipment such as mowers and weed eaters and handle cleaning machines and supplies. 
  • All positions are managed out of the Facility Services department. To submit an application, please contact Vanessa Rogers at 406-683-7142 or email [email protected]

Future updates from Facility Services about the projects listed above and other upcoming projects will continue to be provided this summer. For more information, please email UMW Director of Facility Services, Michael Brown: [email protected].