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Twisted Ink Club Invites Student Writers to Submit for Spring Journal

March 26, 2018

Twisted Ink is the University of Montana Western’s creative writing club. Each spring semester, the club publishes a new print journal which is a free collection of non-fiction, fiction, and poetry open to all Montana Western students who wish to submit their works.

Club President Nathan Eury invites students of every major, drafting content on any subject matter and genre, to submit.

Beyond publishing the journal, Twisted Ink holds monthly meetings, workshops, participates in nationwide events like NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), and takes members on trips like their recent excursion to Seattle during spring break.

Poetry Slam

They also hold poetry slams each block where every Montana Western student is invited to express themselves through public readings of their original works of poetry, non-fiction, or prose.

Club member Joseph Reed is a regular participant and audience member at the slams.

“We’ve got a loyal following, and it’s always a really fun evening. The Poetry Slam will be our big regular thing from here on out,” said Reed.

On the journal, Eury was enthusiastic about encouraging all student writers to submit.

Nathan Eury

“A lot of people like writing as a hobby. It’s a good way to get things off your chest or express yourself creatively. It’s a good way to relax and be creative. It’s always exciting to see your name in print. The journal is made available to several other institutions in the MUS system. It’s just a good way to celebrate the students’ creative work,” said Eury.

Eury has been working on his novel, “Our Last Days as Children,” since April of 2008, and plans to submit the first chapter from the nearly finished book to this year’s print journal before sending it out for wider publication.

On his favorite works published in the journal while he’s been a member of the club, Eury said, “I liked the stuff coming out of Professor Weltzien’s poetry class last year. Those students should be proud because it’s good work, and it’s out there to be noticed.”

Submissions for Twisted Ink’s Spring Journal and requests for information about joining the club can be emailed to Nathan Eury at [email protected].