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Tyler Richardson Explores Advanced Math and Programming

January 9, 2018

When he transferred to the University of Montana Western, Tyler Richardson felt it was “too good to be true.” The tight-knit community and positive atmosphere have made him feel at home.

Tyler Richardson

Senior Tyler Richardson is a math major as well as a tutor in the subject, who has helped many other students during his time at Montana Western.

With Montana Western’s block scheduling, courses are taught one-at-a-time for 18 consecutive days. When it comes to math, Richardson said “it can be challenging,” but the experience is ultimately more fruitful because students are completely immersed in one subject.

As far as his educating technique goes, Richardson cites Professor Tyler Seacrest as an inspiration.

“He’s good at making you think about goals. He blends assistance with allowing students to grow on their own,” Richardson said.

As a highlight of Montana Western’s Experience One program which focuses on creating immersive learning experiences, students present their final projects and internship experiences at the annual student research symposium each spring. Richardson will end his tenure at Montana Western by speaking about his year-long work coding with MATLAB during the symposium.

Richardson would like to become a statistician, and MATLAB is a program used by engineers, statisticians, and scientists to plot and visualize data. His work with MATLAB has led him to become interested in “super edge magic labeling” and other high-level graphing mathematics.

Richardson described his experience at Montana Western as “the best time of his life,” and wanted to impart some knowledge to current and future students of the university.

“Get 100% involved, be active, join clubs and study groups, take advantage of the services on campus, and enjoy your time here,” he said.

For more information about how Experience One can help you achieve your goals, or to schedule a visit to the University of Montana Western, visit or call 877-683-7331.