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UMW displays new banners on campus featuring students, faculty and staff.

October 28, 2015

“Our beautiful banners really showcase the rich experiences had by students at Montana Western,” said Chancellor Weatherby. “UMW is a unique institution led by excellent faculty and staff and that sentiment stands out as you walk around campus and see the banners.”  

Majors from elementary education to biology are featured on the banners to display the range of education opportunities provided through Experience One and UMW.  

“Montana Western already has a remarkable campus and the banners act as a compliment to let current and future students and faculty know about the history and success of Experience One and the university,” said ASUMW President Delaney Hansen.  

Among the former Montana Western students represented on the banners are former University of Montana head football coach Mick Delaney and current Montana Lieutenant Governor Angela McLean.  

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