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UMW Professor Published in the Ukrainian Journal of Physics

December 4, 2019

Dr. Craig Zaspel of the UMW Environmental Sciences Department was recently featured in The Ukrainian Journal of Physics as lead author in an article about his collaborative work with a team of international researchers.

Titled “Magnetic Chiral Solutions Stabilized by Oersted Field at a Thin-Film Nanocontact with Electric Current,” Zaspel started working on this project three years ago. The article was published on Nov. 1, 2019, as part of a special edition related to magnetization dynamics.

The publication was done in collaboration with Dr. Gary Wysin from the Kansas State University Department of Physics and Dr. Boris Ivanov from the National Academy of Science-Ukraine and the National University of Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia. Zaspel and Ivanov were responsible for the theoretical calculations, while Wysin worked on the computer simulations. Dr. Zaspel briefly summarized the goal of the publication.

“High-density information storage is a “hot topic” in modern nanoscale electronics. To increase the density, small spiral magnetization “islands,” called magnetic solitons, are used. At this time, there are a limited number of specialized magnetic materials where these types of solitons can form and remain stable. We have worked on the theory of how these stable solitons can be produced in a more common ferromagnet such as iron. It was found that an electric current through the magnet will provide the spiral structure necessary for formation. At this point, other researchers working in magnetics labs can now test our theoretical results,” Zaspel explained.

The team will continue working on the project with the additional goal of the development of higher frequency nanoscale microwave generators based on magnetic solutions. Dr. Elena Galinka from the Institute of Physics, Kiev, will join the team as another collaborator.

To find the publication in its entirety, please visit the Ukrainian Journal of Physics.