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Please review this page for information regarding the University of Montana Western campus access procedures and online forms for key and Bulldog Card access management.

For questions, please contact Facility Services at 406-683-7142.

General Key/Bulldog Card Access Guidelines

Issuance of Keys/Bulldog Card Access Procedure

Bulldog Card Access Management

The forms below should be utilized by supervisors and department heads as needed. All forms require 24-48 hours processing time for requests to be evaluated.

Key Access Management

Keys can be requested by supervisors and department heads through Facility Services.

Duplication and Transfer of Keys

  1. All keys must be checked in and out at Facility Services. Key transfers directly from one person to another are strictly prohibited. 
  2. Duplication of any UMW Key by an outside key manufacturer, vendor, or contractor is strictly prohibited. Any student, faculty, or staff found in possession of an unauthorized key, who transfers key, loans or duplicated any issued key, will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. 
  3. Unauthorized keys will be confiscated and returned to Facility Services. 

Damaged Keys and Locks

  1. If a key is broken or otherwise damaged, the pieces must be returned to Facility Services. If a key is broken off in a lock, it must be reported to Facility Services and the Department Head immediately. 
  2. A new key will be issued after key damage verification. A Key/Lock Change Request form will not need to be completed for replacement of damaged/broken keys if the original key is returned to Facility Services. 
  3. There is no charge for the replacement of damaged/broken keys provided the defective key is returned to Facility Services. 
  4. It is the responsibility of the key holder to report any malfunctioning locks to Facility Services at extension 7142 or at extension 7141. 

Bookstore Access

Keys to special areas such as the Campus Bookstore will only be issued to individuals requiring access to those areas (this is normally one or two individuals). These keys will be tightly controlled, and the locks will never be included under a grand master or master key set.