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The University of Montana Western Facilities Services maintains control and accountability for the issue and return of all keys that allow access to university buildings.

Keys can be requested by:
1. A “Key Request” form must be picked up at the Mail Room and filled out.
a. What type of access needed (door number or stamp number from lock)
b. Requestor’s signature
c. Department Head signature
2. The completed request form can then be submitted back to Mail Room.
3. Once the key request has been approved and is processed by the Facilities Services Locksmith, the individual to whom the key is being issued will be notified by the mailroom.
4. The individual must then come to the Facilities office to pick up the key(s).

More information about the checkout and use of campus keys can be found on the Campus Key Policy 601.6.

Building Access Via Bulldog Card

Our main doors on campus will align with normal business hours. Our residence halls will be locked at all times and will require card access for any students who reside in our residence halls. All building access outside of normal business hours will require approved authorization from supervisors and department heads.

The forms below should be utilized by supervisors and department heads as needed. All forms require 24-48 hours processing time for requests to be evaluated.